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A Planning Authority for all seasons

by Saviour Balzan

A Planning Authority for all seasons

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Aggrieved couple speak out
Government fails to act as evidence mounts
By Kurt Sansone
When news of the magisterial inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment against Police Commissioner George Grech broke in MaltaToday and another paper, some sections of the media embarked on a campaign to discredit the woman making the allegations and her husband. [READ MORE]

Do Malta Scouts support homophobia?
By David Lindsay
In the latest testimony to the Maltese reluctance to adapt to changing times and ideals, it has been reported that the Malta Scouts Association was one of the only countries voting against a resolution condemning homophobia at the latest international Scouts gathering in Pragu. [READ MORE]

Security Services Act: “We copied the law while omitting the safeguards”
By Kurt Sansone
Over the past few weeks MaltaToday has raised a number of questions on the workings of Malta’s Secret Service headed by Police Commissioner George Grech. The questions are grounded in the simple fact that the Maltese law was copied from a similar law in Britain, however with grave omissions on the accountability aspect


Charles Arrigo

is more than simply a household name, he is an unforgettable character who has added personality to broadcasting in Malta, Ramona Depares reports

Sport close-up

The Champions are still on form

Valletta are undoubtedly the team of the nine
ties and of the new millennium. Until the late 1980s everyone used to shout about the old firm domination – Sliema and Floriana – who used to win the majority of the honours

James Debono has strong harsh words for the CNI
K.M.B's memorable speech in the Jurassic Park gathering of Sunday 12 August at M'Xlokk was very significant. Officially, the CNI has been transformed into a national patriotic front, combining central economy with a right wing moral agenda

This Week

Fireworks fury
Enough already, cries John O’Dea. Why are the habits of a few petard lovers allowed to disturb our peace?

Darrell Paul James
British stage hypnotist Darrell Paul James is preparing for his October shows at the New Dolmen and Amazonia. Interview by Zillah Bugeja

In the strangest of places
Once disregarded, English wines are attracting new interest as their quality and flavour is being appreciated. By Georges Meekers

Local news

Maltacom shares lowest in a year

Bad debt unrelated to Price Club demise
The publication of Maltacom’s financial statement for the first six months of the year showing a decrease in profits when compared to the same period last year, has hit the average price of Maltacom shares, which dropped to its lowest price in over a year

Regulations of Song for Europe updated
Singers will not be allowed to perform more than two songs on the final night of the ‘Song for Europe’ Festival, following a change in regulations

Bad poetry
Devoid of poetic licence, an exercise in soppiness and lacking creativity, was the poem in a Valentine card, allegedly sent by the Commissioner of Police to a Polish-born Maltese woman

Tuna penning public hearing an unparalleled farce
academics, NGOs lash out at PA board members
Speaking to MaltaToday yesterday, National Fisheries Co-operative spokesperson Ivan Portanier described last week's Planning Authority hearing on the extension of a tuna pen in St Paul's Bay as "a farce the likes of which has never been witnessed in the history of public hearings"

Union Press rejects Lm1.75c pay rise demand by former Housing Minister
The Union Press, which is responsible for the printing of the General Workers’ Union papers, l-Orizzont and It-Torca have rejected a Lm1.75c weekly rise for former Housing Minister, Alfred Portelli

Sixteen chicks break records at Ghadira
The Little Ringed Plover is a small bird that feeds on aquatic insects and small molluscs. Yet, wardens at Ghadira are overwhelmed with the success this new breeding bird has had at the saline reserve of Ghadira

AD to push candidates for local elections
After years of not contesting the local council elections, Alternattiva Demokratika candidates will again be running for the elections. A small number of candidates, possibly three or four, will be contesting

Aw Tribu to generate solar energy... when authorities decide
The Aw Tribu shop in Fgura intends to power the complex using solar energy, to keep in line with its ethical business philosophy

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