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The difference between a Nationalist and a Labourite

Where are they now?
No: 0070...
The judiciery

Sport today
Professional mentality needed by Maltese athletes

By Ray Abdilla

Zeza's favourite unforgettable column

This Week

what a week

Pierre Vella
Pierre Vella, Net TV's Formula 1 expert and financial controller of a daily newspaper, tells Ramona Depares about the first Formula 1 week of the season

Germs are us
As the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis in Europe illustrates, we're still entangled in a fight against nature we can't win, writes Victor Paul Borg

Election sends symbolic message within PN
Dr Victor Scerri, was yesterday confirmed as President of General Council of the Nationalist Party after he beat with a sizeable margin the young lawyer, Paul Borg Olivier. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Malta's ageing ships in the spotlight
If the wind had been blowing in a different direction, the repercussions of the sinking of the Maltese-registered Balu on Tuesday and its shedding of 8,000 tons of sulphuric acid could have been much more far-reaching, said Arnold Cassola, secretary general in the European Federation of Greens. [READ FULL ARTICLE]


Modern Christianity
Sandro Schembri Adami reflects on today's changing world, the rat race, its creature comforts and where Christianity fits into the equation


Walter Micallef
Protest songwriter Walter Micallef has just embarked on a series of concerts which will help finance his forthcoming CD. He spoke to MIRIAM DUNN about his experience with political satire, taboos, censorship and how he has mellowed with age…

local news

Further falls expected on Malta Stock Exchange
The general feeling among a number of local financial analysts is that Maltese investors should be warned to expect further sharp falls in the stock market, after what was witnessed at the year's inception.

Overhaul for Malta's lotto games
A number of changes are on the horizon for Malta's lotto games, according to the department's director

Zeppi l-Hafi says he wanted to become rich like Meinrad
Joseph Fenech wanted to become rich like Meinrad Calleja. He said that could have happened if the police did not catch him. But today he repented and believes that it was an act of goodwill by God that he was caught because he is against drugs

Mifsud lashes out at DOI
Super One's flamboyant Chairman, Alfred Mifsud, has lashed out at the Department of Information for what he has referred to as a clear-cut case discrimination, after the department failed to notify the television station of the prime minister's address to the nation on 15 February

One for the road

Malta TodayMost of us have had a little too much to drink at one time or another. But, as adults, we make our decisions and take the consequences. Is the same true for teenagers and is enough done to discourage them from alcohol abuse? Nadine Brincat investigates…

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