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Ghostly advice

Leadership, dear Anglu

A Hypogeum very well done

Maltatoday asks…
Where are they now?
No: 0064 - The traffic light

Sport today
Teenager wins Rothmans Player of the Month allocade

what's on

Diary of events

what a week

Anthony Bezzina
Director Anthony Bezzina tells zillah bugeja about the tumultuous run-up to the staging of his latest play, Private Eye

Poetry in the Net of subversion
In the virtual world the supremacy is in the hands of techno geeks: in the wrestle for domination you are only as powerful as your technological finesse

sacred cows

Principles of management
A tongue in cheek view of management from John O'Dea

Who knows Magistrate Creggy?
MaltaToday has established that a British national with very close Malta links and a British Magistrate, Stuart Creggy, both had their London homes raided and were arrested in late 1999 in connection with an infamous "boiler room" stock market scam

The perfect day
Caroline Hills believes that people have come to expect to be sent something on St Valentine's Day and those who do not, feel horribly left out

Tibor Schlosser
Just before Israel went to the polls, MIRIAM DUNN asked Israeli diplomat, Tibor Schlosser, who was on a visit to Malta, whether the peace process was dead, dying or just very badly damaged�

A place to park
Nadine Brincat examines whether we are adapting to the philosophy that there's no longer such a thing as a free parking space�

local news
GWU EU report � a labour of love
Not many of our experts on aspects of European Union membership will wind up millionaires, if their admittedly cryptic comments on reimbursement for reports written for the General Workers' Union are anything to go by

Bright prospects for Malta's Internet sector
David Lindsay: Internet penetration is Malta is surprisingly high compared to the rest of Europe

Breakthrough for insurers, car repairers
A solution appears to be on the horizon for one of the insurance industry's major headaches

A justified stand, say GWU chiefs
Let us enjoy good relations with all. Let us work with all the countries who want to work with us and who can help us develop further � James Pearsall

High mobile tariffs help save phone booths
Although public phone booths might not be so popular today in Malta as they used to be, their use has certainly not dropped as dramatically as it has in the UK

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