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Et tu Brute

Maltatoday asks…
Where are they now?
No: 0063
Chris Grech

Sport today
The 2001 Flora Marathon

Nadine Brincat investigates the phenomenon that is the Maltese wedding

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Private Eyes � A Comedy of Suspicion
Private Eyes runs over two weekends at the Manoel Theatre, on 10, 11 and 16, 17 18 February

what a week

Liz Groves
Tons of books, hungry cats and winter gardening� Liz Groves takes Ramona Depares through her fascinating week

Exposing the clergy
All over the western world, clergy are caught abusing children daily. Isn't it time to break our silence about child abuse by the clergy in Malta, asks Victor Paul Borg?

sacred cows

How Raymond found love on the Internet
John O`Dea's alter-ego professes his innocence. Love on the Net can be tricky for the seriously naive

Mystery deepens over 'report'
As top ministers relegate the GWU official report to the bin, two very respected social scientists have talked confidentially to MaltaToday about a report commissioned by the General Workers' Union on the European Union that has not been published.

Massive laundering scandal traced back to Malta
Close links have been established between a massive money laundering and share fraud scam involving off shore "shell' corporations, a London law firm and a high profile Maltese company - whose management encompasses both sides of the political spectrum.

Mixed reactions to Lockerbie verdict
Both the American Ambassador and the British High Commissioner to Malta yesterday said that the Lockerbie verdict had, in no way left a shadow over Malta's name.

A time to remember and a time to look forward
It is time for political and personal tolerance and perhaps even consensus if we're very lucky, says Jesmond Saliba

Mark Brincat
Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Mark Brincat, tells NADINE BRINCAT how he finds time between looking after pregnant women to help preserve some of Malta's endangered cattle

local news

Lockerbie aftermath
Miriam Dunn reporting: Asked to comment on how she sees relations between Libya and the US moving forward now, Ms Proffitt stressed that the US has made it clear the verdict does not itself signify an end to the UN sanctions against Libya

Over 1,000 traffic accidents per month
Shocking figures reveal that an average of over 1,000 accidents per month took place on the Maltese roads last year.
By Miriam Dunn

No Maltese safe haven for damaged petrol tanker
The Cyprus-registered ship, carrying some 29,500 metric tons of unleaded petrol, had developed a transversal crack on deck towards the end of December and is currently in the hands of a salvage company.

Spokesman says it is normal for police to investigate infringements of court bans
A Home Affairs minister spokesperson yesterday informed MaltaToday that it was normal practise for the Police to investigate news reports that ignored the court's ban the Meinrad Calleja case.

Sedqa chief defends harm reduction treatment for drug abusers
An increase in the number of syringes being handed out to drug abusers is not necessarily an indication that Malta's heroin problem is on the rise and could, in contrast, signal that addicts are recognising the danger of sharing needles.

ETC stops PBS from employing new journalists
The Employment Training Corporation, (ETC) has blocked the Public Broadcasting Authority from employing new journalists.
By Ray Abdilla


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