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For magician and maths teacher Karl Spiteri, the week was much more than spells and sums, he reveals to Zillah Bugeja This WeekSport NewsPersonalitiesLocal News SectionEditorialTop News

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The Mad Cow approach

Decline in beef consumption

The Archbishop's words

Maltatoday asks…
Where are they now?
No: 0062 | Didier Destremau

Sport today

Interview with George Mallia

Nadine Brincat investigates the phenomenon that is the Maltese wedding

This Week

what a week

What a week!
For magician and maths teacher Karl Spiteri, the week was much more than spells and sums, he reveals to Zillah Bugeja
Science and ritual art
In an exhibition exploring the link between the science of anatomy and art, Victor Paul Borg found how the sadistic beauty of the inner body turned inside out can be darkly erotic

sacred cows

Want to play the stockmarket?
John O'Dea answers your most frequently asked questions. If you're not playing you can at least feign knowledge

EU report was a quick fix says GWU official

The report produced for the General Workers' Union on European Union membership was only completed in recent weeks and was tailor-made to suit the wishes of the GWU's leadership.

Commission allegations shadow Manwel Cuschieri's big day

Manwel Cuschieri prepares to take up his key post as President of the Malta Labour Party tonight, already knee-deep in a commission controversy.

Malta's growing drug problem

There is little indication that the serious problem of drug abuse in Malta is showing any signs of improving.

Different angles
Caroline Hills has some ideas for a guide on how to look at Malta

Sabbatical unrest
Christian Holland suggests that the entertainment industry is quite happy with Mondays off, banks can have Tuesdays, the supermarkets and all other retail outlets, Wednesdays

It's a dog's life
SPCA manager Mary Shepherd talks of the heartbreak she sees on a daily basis and tells MIRIAM DUNN of her hope that the government will soon take up their request for a new shelter

local news
More syringes given out to drug addicts
An increase in the number of syringes handed out to drug addicts annually serves as a gloomy indication of the escalating problem of drug abuse in Malta.
By Miriam Dunn

Ic-Caqwes undergoing treatment at Mount Carmel Hospital
Nicholas Ellul, known as 'ic-Caqwes', who stands accused of murdering Raymond Caruana at the Nationalist Party club at Gudja on 5 December 1986, is undergoing treatment at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Beef sales on the up
We blame the media hype for exaggerating this problem � Anthony Camilleri
By Miriam Dunn

What was behind Virgin Megastore's decision
Piracy, changing consumer trends and market saturation were quoted yesterday as contributory factors that had led to Virgin Megastore's decision to close its Malta stores, both by local company representatives and observers.
By Nadine Brincat

Malta Stock Exchange report (22 � 25 January)
Exchange begins to recuperate - BoV, HSBC both see appreciations

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